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Domain Bangladesh score Bangladesh Interpretation Overall LICs score Overall LICs interpretation
Governance 52% Moderate performance Click here for full results 48% Moderate performance
Risk factors 29% Low performance Click here for full results 32% Low performance
Surveillance & research 24% Low performance Click here for full results 21% Low performance
Health system response 24% Low performance Click here for full results 25% Low performance

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Worldwide performance:

       - Very low performance ≤20%
       - Low performance 21%-40%
       - Moderate performance 41%-60%
       - High performance 61%-80%
       - Very high performance > 80%

Commentary from Dr Aliya Naheed, Interim Head of Chronic Noncommunicable Disease Unit at icddr,b

"The Scorecard has been quite useful for tracking actions of government’s progress in implementing its strategic plan for control and prevention of NCDs in Bangladesh."

"Government should adopt the NCD Scorecard for establishing a self-monitoring system to assess progress in various health sectors."

"The Scorecard reflects moderate progress in governance, but poor progress in health system response, assessment of NCD risk factors, and surveillance and research."

"There are more than 18,000 Community Clinics in Bangladesh, but the current health workforce is not adequately equipped for screening and treating NCDs screening at the community level. Further, the number of trained personnel at the secondary and tertiary care services is not sufficient for systematic risk assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of NCD"

"The good news, is that in recent times Bangladesh has made impressive progress in developing a 2016-2021 multi-sectoral plan for prevention and control of NCDs."

"Government should partner with internationally recognised research organisations/academic institutions for generating health and demographic data on an annual basis and conducting evaluation of various cost effective solutions prior to scaling up NCD programs countrywide."

Executive report

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