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Domain Belize score Belize Interpretation Overall UMICs score Overall UMICs interpretation
Governance 48% Moderate performance Click here for full results 52% Moderate performance
Risk factors 20% Very low performance Click here for full results 35% Low performance
Surveillance & research 26% Low performance Click here for full results 38% Low performance
Health system response 67% High performance Click here for full results 71% High performance

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Worldwide performance:

       - Very low performance ≤20%
       - Low performance 21%-40%
       - Moderate performance 41%-60%
       - High performance 61%-80%
       - Very high performance > 80%


"Belize continues to undergo an epidemiological transition characterised by a sharp increase in NCD (non-communicable disease), which has become increasingly prominent in the country disease profile. At the same time, the share of NCD in the national disease burden has increased for well over a decade. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease are responsible for around 40% of deaths annually. This is compared with 28% for injuries and external causes; and 20% for communicable diseases including HIV and acute respiratory tract infections."

"The Scorecard instrument shows that the domain with the highest score was health system response, (67%), followed by governance (48%), surveillance and research (26%) and risk factors (20%). Performance achieved was very close to the average for upper middle income countries on governance, surveillance and research and health system response domains."

"Belize also shows moderate performance on governance. NCDs have been included in the national health plan and the national development agenda. There is a unit within the Ministry of Health with responsibility for NCDs, but it this needs to be appropriately resourced. The country also has a system to ensure universal and equitable access to health system interventions for NCDs, but it is not adequately resourced."

"The country scored a very low performance in addressing risk factors, as did other countries of similar category. In the area of surveillance and research, Belize’s performance was low, in comparison to similar countries which achieved a moderate score."

"At present, management protocols for diabetes and hypertension are being updated. Simultaneously, clinical management protocols are being developed for the care of dyslipidemias, obesity, cerebrovascular accidents, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure. Once these protocols have been updated, training sessions across the country will follow immediately."

"Priorities going forward at country level for the prevention and control of NCD should include:

• Legislation for banning smoking in public places, reduction of salt intake, trans-fats and consumption of high sugar content beverages (SSBs) among school-aged children and adolescents.
• National research programme for preventing and controlling NCDs.
Inclusion of HPV vaccine in the national immunisation programme. "

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