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Domain China score China Interpretation Overall UMICs score Overall UMICs interpretation
Governance 67% High performance Click here for full results 52% Moderate performance
Risk factors 33% Low performance Click here for full results 35% Low performance
Surveillance & research 64% High performance Click here for full results 38% Low performance
Health system response 63% High performance Click here for full results 71% High performance

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Worldwide performance:

       - Very low performance ≤20%
       - Low performance 21%-40%
       - Moderate performance 41%-60%
       - High performance 61%-80%
       - Very high performance > 80%

Commentary from Professor Yangfeng Wu, China International Center for Chronic Disease Prevention

"In terms of the progress in prevention and control of NCDs, The NCD Scorecard Report with data from stakeholders from governmental, private sector, non-governmental and academia institutions showed that China achieved a considerably better result in governance and surveillance and research than other upper middle income countries (UMICs) participating in the project, with a score of 67% and 64% respectively. On health system response, China made it at 63%, which are 8% less than other UMICs. Like other UMICs, China made the worst score on control of risk factors with a score of only 33%."

"The key strong points in the response shown in the China NCD scorecard are the strong government leadership and development of national plans and programs, as well as a fairly good system for the surveillance of NCD mortality and major risk factors. On the other hand, we should further improve these strengths by calling for better high level coordination, more financial investment and development of the evaluation system."

"We need to face up to the deficiencies revealed by the scorecard that the control of major risk factors and the health system reform in response of NCDs are relatively weak. "

Executive report

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